If you have ever felt there is something wrong with you because you don't have a "Bliss", this is the place for you.

You know you can work hard. In fact, you would love to work hard. You’re so bored and frustrated that you’re even ready to consider something as cheesy as life coaching if it means getting something to change. :)

Everything is fine, mostly. But people keep talking about dreams and passions and bliss and it's starting to drive you crazy.

Those things have to be real, right? Why would people keep talking about them if they weren't. You would love to follow your dreams, if only you knew where they were. Every time you try to identify even a single dream, your mind goes blank. Everyone else seems to have them, so why is this so hard for you?

So you begin to wonder - maybe you really don’t have dreams. Maybe you were the one person born without any dreams or desires or even mild likes.

But what if you were? What if you were actually were born with . . . something. And what if you’re just looking for it in the wrong place?