But wait! Before you go...

Let's schedule a time to talk. 

This book is great for helping you figure out what you want, but if you know you're ready to move things along at lightning speed, we should talk.

What's going on with you specifically? What made you download this book? How can we get you situated and moving forward ASAP?

This is your chance to tell me all about what you're going though, what you want to happen (even if you're not totally sure), and see if I can help.

If we're a fit to work together, we can get started right away. Or, if I have a better recommendation or idea for you, I'll make sure you've got it.

Either way, you'll have a plan of action when we're done.

Here's a link to my calendar. I really do want to hear from you. :) If you have even an inkling this might be good for you, do yourself a favor and find a time on my calendar. It will be worth it, I promise.